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For 66 Days, unlock your adaptive capacity.

  • empowering you to build habits

  • driving you to achieve your goals

  • delivering daily doses of inspiration

In just two months,

cultivate your own leadership that adapts, learns, and drives positive change in your business and life.

  • more efficiency

  • higher focus

  • better relationships

  • more honesty

  • increased adaptability

  • more confidence

€1 for every Day of Change

Step by Step to your New Growth

66 Days Themes

Get Your Sh*t Done in 4 Work-Days

Feeling burnt out by long hours and a never-ending to-do list? These 66-days of change are an accelerator to reclaim your time and achieve more. This program equips you with daily, actionable strategies to break free from the cycle of overtime and cultivate a calmer, more focused work style. In just over two months, learn to work smarter, not harder, and finally get a grip on that elusive work-life balance. Read more ...

Know Your Why & Fly

Feeling lost and unsure of your direction? This 66-day journey ignites your purpose. The program equips you with powerful tools for self-discovery, helping you uncover your core values and life's North Star. Through daily exercises and inspirational guidance, you'll gain clarity on what truly matters, propelling you towards a fulfilling and meaningful life. Take flight in just over two months and start living with passion and purpose. Read more ...

Create Magic within your Relationships

Feeling disconnected from your partner and stuck in a rut? Our daily lives can get hectic, leaving our relationships feeling neglected. This 66-day program is your chance to reignite the spark! You'll learn powerful strategies to strengthen connections, build trust, and navigate challenges within relationships effectively. By the end, you'll be equipped to create more fulfilling and enriching relationships (to your partner, to your kids, to your work colleagues, ...) in all aspects of your life. Read more ...

Walk the Talk

Living your purpose is one thing, embodying it is another? This 66-day program bridges the gap between your intention and action, it empowers you to take ownership of your life. Through daily exercises and inspirational guidance, you'll learn to translate your purpose into concrete actions and behaviors. Become the captain of your destiny and create a life that truly aligns with your values. In just over two months, take the wheel and navigate your life with purpose and authenticity. Read more ...

Mastering Adaptability for Future-Ready Leadership

The world is changing faster than ever! This 66-day program will make you an unstoppable leader in today's dynamic landscape and equips you with the essential skills to navigate uncertainty, embrace change, and thrive in any situation. Through daily exercises and inspirational guidance, you'll develop your adaptability muscle, fostering authenticity, growth-mindset, and a future-oriented vision. In just over two months, you'll be empowered to lead with confidence, flexibility, and resilience, propelling yourself and your team towards success in the ever-evolving world. Read more ...

Anti-Fragile Confidence

Life's challenges are inevitable, but your response is a choice! This 66-day program goes beyond simple resilience. We'll equip you with daily exercises and empowering strategies to not just weather storms, but emerge stronger. Learn to transform setbacks into stepping stones, embrace discomfort as a catalyst for growth, and silence self-doubt. This program isn't about building fragile self-esteem that crumbles – it's about cultivating anti-fragile confidence that thrives on challenges. In just over two months, you'll develop the unshakeable belief that empowers you to seize every opportunity and rise above anything life throws your way. Read more ...

66 Days Packages

66 Days BASIC
66 Transformation Messages

66 Euros

  • Every day one Transformation Message via email to keep your change going.

  • For 66 days.

  • Arrives every morning around 6am CET.


+ 6 x Accountability Check-In

600 Euros

  • Staying motivated and on track for 66 days can be a challenge.

  • That's where accountability check-ins come in!

  • 6 x Accountability Check-In for 30 min via live & group online call with one of our coaches.

  • Choose between Tuesday 9 am UTC and Thursday 4pm UTC.


+ 2 x AQme Assessment

+ 1 x AQme Debriefing Session

300 Euros

  • Your adaptability is the key to future success.

  • The assessment is powered by AQai and will measure your Adaptability Quotient (AQ) against global benchmarks.

  • Book two AQme assessments and measure your progress: one at the start of your 66 Days and one after the program.

  • In the debriefing session, our AQai certified coaches will help you to interpret your AQme report and to create your personalized action plan.

66 Days VIP

66 Transformation Messages

+ 6 x Accountability Check-In
+ 9 x Deep Dive Coaching
+2 x AQme Assessment

+ 1 x AQme Debriefing Session
+ "Who are you, Fear" online Course

3955 Euros

3000 Euros

  • Unlock the full potential of your transformation

  • Combine 66 Days self-study with accountability, personal coaching and assessment.

Listen to Our Clients

Since I started working with 66 Days of Change - Know your Why and Fly, I have felt significantly better in all areas of my life. Especially in the last few weeks before the program, I couldn't bring myself to work with and on myself, which resulted in an extreme low mood. Since the program and the daily work with myself, things have gotten significantly better and the habit that has developed from it makes it easier and easier for me to do this work every day.

I think the small, but valuable tips about the actual tasks are really great! Every day the reminder of the breathing exercise, for example, and also that it motivates you to keep going every day.

Christina, Health Professional

I recently completed the Get your Sh*t Done program with accountability coaching by Markus, and I can't say enough about my coach. He was incredibly understanding and compassionate, guiding me through various obstacles that were hindering my progress. His support was invaluable, and I feel more confident and focused on my career path than ever before. Highly recommend their services!


The program "Create Magic in your Relationships" will change my life. I didn't realize that I could take so much personal responsibility for my relationship. I always assumed that both sides had to work. The daily messages motivate me again and again to reflect on myself and work on myself. The resulting change in my self-perception is incredible. My relationship with my wife can relax significantly, and the program's ideas stimulate great conversations.

In my wife's words: "You have given me a huge gift with the book.


I am in a new relationship, and the 66 Days of Change program - Create Magic in Your Relationships helps me and my partner to give open communication and lived appreciation a special place in our relationship from the beginning.

Reserving the routine once a day to address "serious" topics makes it easier and more natural with each passing day. We use the impulses as food for thought and usually find even more to discuss.

Your Benefits

  • After "66 Days of Change" you have the experience of a successful change.

  • Through our step-by-step process, you experience how change can be achieved.

  • With this experience and the tools you have learned, you are able to tackle any change sustainably.

  • After “66 Days of Change” you feel strengthened in your self-determined ability to act.

  • Real change is no longer a mountain but feels like achievable challenge.

This is you

  • you have a desire for change

  • you want change and also take responsibility for it

  • you want to grow as a person and become more efficient.

  • you can commit to change processes.

  • you are a manager in a company and have a high interest in change and innovation, as they are responsible for the growth and success of the company.

  • you are a self-employed entrepreneur and ready to invest in your own business development.

The Theory

The popular notion that habits take 21 days to form lacks scientific rigor. This misconception may have originated from a 1960s book by a plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell Maltz. He observed that amputees typically adjusted to limb loss within 21 days, extrapolating this timeframe to all significant life changes, including habit formation.

A more robust perspective emerges from psychological research. Lally et al. (2009) published a study in the European Journal of Social Psychology demonstrating that habit formation varies widely, ranging from 18 to 254 days. On average, participants required 66 days to consistently integrate one of three new daily activities into their routines.

Further evidence comes from Navin et al. (2015) in their work titled "Exercise habit formation in new gym members: a longitudinal study." Their findings indicate that new gym members needed to exercise at least four times a week for six consecutive weeks (in average 9.5 weeks - 66 days) to establish an exercise habit.

The time it takes to form a habit isn't solely dependent on internal willpower. External factors also play a significant role. Supportive environments, readily available resources, and social cues that trigger the desired behavior can all accelerate habit formation. Conversely, a lack of these elements can significantly hinder progress. For example, access to healthy food options is crucial for establishing healthy eating habits, while social media notifications might act as a cue that disrupts attempts to focus. Recognizing and managing these external influences is essential for successfully building new routines.

These studies motivated us to set up programs to provide guidance and optimized environments to drive change. Join today, and start your personal & business growth.

Your Coaches & Content Creators


Miriam is a Change Angle and Performance Coach. Miriam combines inner work and personality development with scientific down-to-earthness. With a variety of intuitive tools, she can be your fast track guide to a powerful leader role within your life and business.


Markus is a Transformation and Leadership coach. He is an expert in leading high-performance teams and combines the power of human centricity, technology, strategy and processes.


What do I get, and how is it working?

After completing your order, you will get ...
+ one email with your receipt and
+ one welcome email (with the subject "[66 Days of Change] Welcome") with more detailed information. E.g. you will get a checklist for your 66 days.

Please check your spam and junk folder as well! Put "[email protected]" to your address book to take care to get our emails.

For the next 66 days, you will get every morning around 5-6 am CET a transformational email.

The outline of every email will be the same for every day:

+ A short piece of content for reflection.

+ A bit longer content for your daily practice.

+ Every time we are moving to a new transformation block, there will be a content section with background information.

Don't get confused. It might happen that the reflection exercise is the same for several days. It is all part of your process getting your habits changed.

To maximize your results, highly committed people dedicate 10-20 minutes each day to the "66 Days of Change" program's trainings and exercises. You can do it in the morning or in the evening. Just keep it doing.

What is the language of the 66 Days of Change Emails?

All emails and communication for all 66 Days of Change programs will be in English.

How does a Transformation Message look like?

The outline of every email will be the same for every day:

  • A short piece of content for reflection.

  • A bit longer content for your daily practice.

  • Every time we are moving to a new transformation block, there will be a content section with background information.

Don't get confused. It might happen that the reflection exercise is the same for several days. It is all part of your process getting your habits changed.

How much time do I have to invest per day?

To maximize your results, highly committed people dedicate 10-20 minutes each day to the "66 Days of Change" program's trainings and exercises. Just carve out this short time investment over the next 66 days (or for as long as you need) and you'll be well on your way to achieving your goals!

Is the program based on any personal development theories?

All 66 Days of Change programs are influenced by the following books or trainings. Overall, the 66 Days of Change programs are a summary of several years of work with our customers.

  • Activate Your Heroic Potential, Brian Johnson

  • Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level, Marc Divine

  • Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial, Tony Robbins

  • The keys to the heart method: Shortcut to Happiness, Safi Nidiaye

  • When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress, Gabor Maté

  • The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, Bessel van der Kolk

  • Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth, Brad Blanton

  • Mindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment and Your Life, Jon Kabat-Zinn

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