know your why and fly

For 66 Days, unlock your adaptive capacity.

This program delivers daily doses of inspiration, empowering you to build habits and achieve your goals.

In just two months, cultivate your own leadership that adapts, learns, and drives positive change in your business and life.

€1 for every Day of Change

Step by Step to your New Growth

Are you constantly chasing the next shiny object?
Ever feel like you're leading your team on a never-ending series of detours, with no clear destination in sight?

Do you feel pulled in a million directions?
When faced with tough choices, do you find yourself paralyzed by indecision?

Are you struggling to keep your team motivated?
Do you sense a lack of enthusiasm or engagement from your team members?

Do you find it hard to inspire others?

Are you afraid of the next big change? Do you feel anxious or unprepared for unforeseen challenges?

The 66 Days of Change program is an accelerator to reclaim your control and clarity, and ignites your purpose.

The program equips you with powerful tools for self-discovery.

It will help you uncover your core values and life's North Star.

Through daily exercises and inspirational guidance, you'll gain clarity on what truly matters, propelling you towards a fulfilling and meaningful business execution and life.

Take flight in just over two months and start living with passion and purpose.

66 Days BASIC
66 Transformation Messages

66 Euros

  • Every day one Transformation Message via email to keep your change going.

  • For 66 days.

  • Arrives every morning between 5am to 6am CET.

For 1 Euro per day and less than 30 minutes self-reflection and self-study per day, you can increase your efficiency in life and business.

This Program is for You: If You're Looking to Achieve More

In today's dynamic landscape, effective leadership demands more than just expertise and strategy. As Warren Bennis emphasizes in his seminal work "On Becoming a Leader," leaders need a clear "why" – a powerful sense of purpose that guides their decisions and inspires those around them. "66 Days of Change" is designed to be your personal excavation, helping you unearth your own leadership "why."

Through a series of introspective exercises and impactful insights, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery. We'll delve into your core values, the guiding principles that define who you are and what matters most. By identifying your "North Star," your ultimate aspiration, you'll gain a newfound clarity on the "why" behind your leadership journey.

Bennis underscores the leader's role as a "visionary" – someone who can articulate a compelling future and ignite passion within their team. This program equips you with the tools to do just that. By uncovering your "why," you'll gain a deeper understanding of your driving forces and aspirations. This authenticity resonates with your team, fostering trust and a shared sense of purpose. A leader with a clear "why" becomes a beacon, guiding their team through challenges and propelling them towards collective success.

Remember, Bennis also emphasizes the importance of adaptability. A strong "why" provides a foundation for flexibility, allowing you to adjust strategies while staying true to your core values. This program prepares you to navigate the ever-changing business world with confidence. As you refine your "why," you'll develop the resilience and adaptability needed to lead your team through unexpected turns, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous growth.



"Since I started working with 66 Days of Change, I have felt significantly better in all areas of my life. Especially in the last few weeks before the program, I couldn't bring myself to work with and on myself, which resulted in an extreme low mood. Since the program and the daily work with myself, things have gotten significantly better and the habit that has developed from it makes it easier and easier for me to do this work every day.

I think the small, but valuable tips about the actual tasks are really great! Every day the reminder of the breathing exercise, for example, and also that it motivates you to keep going every day."

How does a daily Transformational Message looks like?

Don't just lead, inspire! This program is your 66-day journey to ignite your leadership purpose. We begin with Unearthing Your Why, a journey of self-discovery that reveals your core values and ultimate aspirations. This newfound clarity will be your guiding light. Next, we address the Shadows of Doubt, dismantling the fears and limiting beliefs that can hold you back. You'll learn to navigate your emotions and cultivate unwavering resilience. Finally, we'll equip you with the tools to Chart Your Course, mastering prioritization and structure to propel you and your business towards success. "66 Days of Change" empowers you to become your own leadership coach, ensuring your newfound purpose and effectiveness become a lasting legacy.

I am not a Leader - But I like the idea of 66 days!

The 66 Days of Change program isn't just for business leaders! While leadership skills are valuable in the workplace, the truth is, we all lead in different ways. Maybe you're a leader in your family, a community group, or even your local sports team. And last but not least, you are your own leader!

This program can help you develop the skills to be a more effective leader in any aspect of your life. Don't let the title fool you – join us and unlock the positive impact you can make!

Know your Why and Fly - Retreats

Success is 80% mindset and 20% action.
Join our 3 or 6 day long retreats to strengthen your WHY and bring ACTION to your body with kite surfing or hiking Ireland's highest mountain.

Supported by professional coaches, yoga and healthy food, you will get the best space to reflect and grow.

Know your Why and Hike - October 2024

  • 3 days

  • October 3rd to 6th, 2024

  • Location: Ireland, Killarney, Co. Kerry

This program incorporates finding your personal WHY and start to embody it while at the same time using hiking the magnificent nature in Ireland to unearth hidden barriers and deepen the connection between yourself and your WHY.

Know your Why and Fly - Mai 2024

  • 6 days

  • Mai 23rd to 30th, 2025

  • Location: Denmark, Hvide Sande

This is an exciting program designed to help you unearth your core purpose ("WHY"), break through limiting beliefs, and embody your authentic self. It combines powerful self-exploration techniques with exhilarating outdoor activities of kite surfing.

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